Subject Tutoring

Scarlet Tutors matches students with highly competent tutors who have proven success in the requested subject matter. For example, if a student needs help with biology, it is likely that we will match them with a medical student who has mastered basic concepts in biology. Overqualified is never a bad thing.

Our tutors have demonstrated their ability to make difficult concepts easy to understand. Every student learns differently and so, our one-on-one sessions adapt to different learning styles. Oftentimes a student simply does not understand the manner in which something was taught in class. This is resolved with the personalized instruction we offer.

We have tutors for subjects spread in various levels of study. Please take a look at what we offer.

Grade SchoolUniversity
Mathematics K-8Expository Writing
Algebra ICalculus I-III
Algebra IIIntroductory Chemistry
GeometryGeneral Chemistry
ChemistryOrganic Chemistry
PhysicsGeneral Biology
StatisticsGeneral Physics

We are goal-oriented to see the student achieve tangible and measurable results in the classroom. Our tutors help students complete schoolwork, prepare for quizzes/exams, and get a head-start on future material. We work with the specific material and textbooks the student brings to each session.

After the first on-demand session, many students express interest in scheduling weekly/biweekly sessions. We are glad to set this up. We can get a student through his or her most difficult course. Our tutors will be available everyday on the Student Portal for additional help during school days.
Our Tuition

We strive to provide subject tutoring at the most competitive rate. For subject tutoring, both on-demand, and long term, the tuition is $40/hour. Please contact us if you wish to discuss what is included in the tuition. Every session has a money back guarantee.