Standardized Test Preparation

Scarlet Tutors offers an innovative approach to preparing students for the SAT. Our rigorous practice strategy matches the student with two members of the Scarlet Tutors team, one for math and one for writing/critical reading. Following the analysis of the diagnostic exam, our team establishes a curriculum designed to strengthen the understanding of the fundamentals, administers up to 25 full-length practice exams, and oversees review so that the student does not make the same mistakes twice.

You’re taking this exam several months down the line, and prepare best by learning over long periods of time. 3 months, 4 hours/week
If you’re realizing the SAT has been creeping up on you. You’ve got some time, but you need to buckle down. 2 months, 5 hours/week
The exam is in about a month, but that’s okay because high pressure environments are where you thrive. 1 month, 8 hours/week

Program Features
• Free consultation
• Full length diagnostic exam with score analysis
• Personalized course schedule
• Weekly homework and 25+ full length exams
• 2 highly qualified SAT experts per student
• Online progress tracking
• Flexible Scheduling
• College admissions mentorship