College Admissions Consulting

Scarlet Tutors provides a wide assortment of consulting services geared towards college admissions, as well as graduate school admissions processes. We also assist students in preparing to apply for special academic programs during both high school and college summers. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Examples of topics discussed with high school students:

What schools should I apply to?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing which schools to apply to – competitiveness, cost of attendance, programs of study offered, career interests, etc. It can be a complicated and stressful process, and Scarlet Tutors helps make this process easy in a way you’re overworked school guidance counselors can’t.

We take the time to interview our students, as well as study their grade and extracurricular activities. Based on the information we receive, in addition to input from parents (to discuss finances, underlying concerns, etc.) we provide a list of schools that we think our client would be an excellent match for and help refine that list over time.

Do I have a strong college essay?

Arguably one of the most important parts of the admissions process is the essay. No matter what school you are applying to, you can bet that there are at least several thousand other equally qualified students competing for that same spot. The key is to design an essay that is not only extremely personal, but unique, powerful and concise.

This task is something that can be challenging for high school students, who throughout high school are encouraged to write more, not less. Our tutors are well versed in the process of writing personal statements, and are ideally poised to help you take your ideas and experiences out of your head, and translate them into powerfully persuasive and meaningful admissions essays.

Should I apply to the summer program?

Getting into some of the most competitive schools in the country no longer simply requires you to have good grades, high SAT scores, and strong extracurricular activities. We’ve found that in recent years, students who are competing for some of the most competitive programs in the country (Accelerated Medical/Dental/Pharmacy Programs, Ivy League Schools, Top Tier Research Universities) require even more specialized experiences. Oftentimes, this means participating in advanced high school summer research programs, clinical hospital experiences, and travel abroad experiences. Scarlet Tutors takes the time to work with our clients to understand what their interests are, helps select a set of programs for the student to apply to, and assists to create a powerful application to compete for those programs.

I’m interested in accelerated medical/dental/pharmacy admissions programs – how do I go about getting into one of these?

No problem! Many of our staff members have been involved with these programs throughout college and others on their way to becoming healthcare professionals. We will help you determine which programs you are most likely competitive for, help you write standout personal statements that health professional schools require, as well as assist you preparing for you all aspects of your interview including everything from the suit you wear, to the questions you will answer. Remember, these are some of the most competitive programs in the country, with admissions rates even lower than top tier universities so put your best foot forward!